Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Are you happy?

Feb 26th 2014

I have been thinking for the past few days what makes someone really happy. There are millions of books, videos, speeches and hundreds of advices from people on this for decades and decades. Meaning we know this simple fact that this is something every human being aspires. Is it too hard to achieve? I guess not.

My corporate office sent email to thousands of its employees last week trying to sell one of the 'How to be happy packages' by selling 'mood elevator programme'. In order to find out what is the expected market, the HR asked employees to fill a survey that was compulsory. Or else how would they get to know who all are their prospective clients who would buy 'anything' to be happy. I thought to take up survey today so made a strong coffee for myself and sat on carpet in an area that catches good sunlight on a much colder day outside with a laptop trying to fill in the survey. It gave me a warm nice feeling and I started to look at the first question.

The first question was 'How are you feeling today', the choices were obvious starting from 'depressing' to 'happy'. There were few more choices that fit fine between depressing and happy. I chose 'happy' and moved on. I didn't realize at the end I got 97 out of 100 score. There were lots of questions in the survey that wanted to know how you feel emotionally, do you feel drained at times, you feel lonely etc. It tried to hit on all possible things that people usually face. Subtle way of marketing 'be happy' product, right?

Later I thought why I was feeling really happy? what is that keeps me so light every moment and I don't get trapped in anxieties or superficial problems created by us only. I felt may be its because I have close relation to God, have extreme faith in Him that whatever is happening is happening for reason and worry won't help to resolve any issue. May be I talk to God, I feel bad I talk to Him, I feel good - I share with Him. May be because Ispend some time with myself. I do things that I like to do, have pursued my hobbies, play instruments, read books, play with kids. I often think we waste our precious 'today' in pretty small things worrying about either 'past' or 'future' and what do we get in return? Diseases and high blood pressure?

How simple it is to follow one simple rule. Read sacred book of 'Gita' for few minutes daily and I feel it just takes you out from any worries or gives you courage to fight with things that are beyond your control. Sometime I think it does miracle. It did miracle to me.

That's all for today......that's my first blog.

Quest for peace.

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